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FUJITSU's TWELVE year warranty on the COMPRESSOR and TWELVE year warranty on all of the PARTS, and 90 days on the remote control, just got better with our included one year LABOR WARRANTY.  It's the best in the business!       
FUJITSU HEAT PUMPS are the most reliable on the market today when properly maintained. But on an occasion they can malfunction. 
Your entire mini-split warranty is with your installation company.  FUJITSU will not send someone to repair your system FUJITSU will only suppy repair parts to your installation dealer.

It is up to you to select a reputable Factory Authorized ELITE DEALER who will install your heat pump and will respond to and honor the Factory warranty.

Misuse and abuse of your system is not included in your warranty. If you request warranty service for your system and upon inspection that your system is operating at factory specifications you will be charged for a service call. 

click on the preventive maintenance button at the top of the page.
We are an Authorized FUJITSU ELITE HALCYON Dealer
We are the only Heating and Cooling company in the area that offers a Fujitsu’s TWELVE YEAR PARTS and COMPRESSOR WARRANTY.  Plus MY ONE YEAR LABOR WARRANTY that is included with every installation.

We are the only heating and cooling company that exclusively installs  FUJITSU Mini-Split Heat Pumps in the area. 

 FUJITSU Heat Pumps are our only business and we install them better than anyone else.  We don't sell fuel oil, furnaces, boilers, wood stoves or ductwork--just Fujitsu mini-split Heat Pumps and nobody installs them better!
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