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HOW MUCH Can you save with a heat pump?
We are an Authorized FUJITSU ELITE HALCYON Dealer
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“Making homes more comfortable since 1974.”
Don’t take our word for it.  Read this customer testimonial:
“We installed two FUJITSU HEAT PUMPS in the Chapel here at the Zion Lutheran Church of Petersburg mid-winter in 2008. We are very pleased with Heat Pumps’ performance; they have greatly exceeded our expectations.

In 2007, we used 2952 gallons of fuel oil in our steam boiler.  In 2009 we used ONLY 516 gallons of fuel oil. That's a CASH savings of $5,946.55 between 2007 and 2009. 

Now in 2011 fuel oil is over $3.50 per gallon.  Without the Fujitsu Systems we would be paying over $11,000.00 just to heat the church.

It only took one and a half years for us to recoup our investment.  No other heating system could save our church so much, plus we now have an Air Conditioned Chapel in the summer and we did not have to install any ductwork. These systems are great!
Pastor Rick Klotz
Ten cents of electricity amounts to one kilowatt, and 1KW of resistive heat is considered to be 100% efficient.  This is an EER rating of 3.4. 

Normal electric heaters will use electrical resistance to make heat with a metal, ceramic, or quartz element.  In this scenario, your ten cents will produce 3,400 BTU's of heat.

Our 9RLS3 has an EER rating of 18.0 that means you will get 18,000 BTU’s of heat that same 1KW of electricity. Thats five and a half times more heat

If  FUEL OIL would cost $.65 per gallon and if LP Gas would cost $.70 per gallon it would be about equal to heating with a FUJITSU HEAT PUMP.

Ten cents of electricity or 1KW when used with a FUJITSU ultra high efficiency HEAT PUMP that is 33+ SEER (depending on size) with an EER rating of 18.0 will produce18,000 BTU's of heat for 10 cents without any electric back-up strip heat. This unit is a PURE Hybrid HEAT PUMP.

This Heat Pump does NOT make heat, it simply uses the freon to gather heat from the outside and transfer it to the inside. 
- FUJITSU Heat pumps will function very well at FIVE BELOW        ZERO degrees outside temp. Now some of our systems at rated at FIFTEEN BELOW ZERO.

-They are up to 400% more efficient than all other fuels!

-You will cut your TOTAL heating bill--dollar for dollar--by as much as 75% to 80%. 
Even better:
The Heat Pump Advantage...
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