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 As a heat pump the Fujitsu units provide warm heat all winter long--no matter how cold it gets outside.
On Jan.16, 2009, the outside temperature went down to minus 8 degrees here in James Creek, Pa. and my two Fujitsu Heat Pumps were still providing warm heat. They kept my home 72 degrees. No need for any kind of back-up. This new generation heat pump uses the new more efficient 410A freon to gather heat from the outside air even in the coldest weather.
Kim Myers
"Kim's installers did a great job, they cleaned up after themselves. The installation looks great. I can't wait to experience the cooling this summer.

I tell everyone that if you want a great heat pump experience, call Myers Heating and Cooling!"

Frank Wilson, Huntingdon
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Don’t take our word for it.  Read this customer testimonial:
The outside condensing unit is installed on pad and pedestals. The Linesets (freon tubing and electric wiring) are enclosed in "Slim-duct" decorative pvc enclosures. 
The inside units are installed on an exterior wall near the ceiling. They pull the warm humid air across the ceiling and through the filter and evaporator coil  to clean and remove HEAT and HUMIDITY from the air. The cool clean air is then distributed into the rooms.

The cooler air is heavy and dense, and it will force its way in to rooms that have the doors open. The cooler air then pushes the warmer up to the ceiling so that it can be processed by the wall mounted air handler unit.
We are an Authorized FUJITSU ELITE HALCYON Dealer
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This our new floor mounted indoor unit. Fits under most windows.

If you don’t have wall space near the ceiling or you don’t want to see a wall mounted unit. This unit fills that need.

Perfect for bedrooms.