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FUJITSU takes 220 volts AC, filters it and runs it through a full wave bridge rectifier and that converts it to DC (direct current). The DC voltage is then run through a Inverter Power Module that coverts the DC electric power into simulated three phase electricity at the required frequency and voltage.

This allows the compressor to run at varying speeds depending on the load that the system is processing.

DC current runs variable speed blower motors with greater efficiency. They are quieter and last longer.  
What makes these units so efficient?
We are an Authorized FUJITSU ELITE HALCYON Dealer
Compared to common on/off controlled compressors, the inverter compressor runs at the proper revolutions to provide the best efficiency.

When the maximum capacity is not required, the compressor speed reduces. This means input power decreases too, which results in increased system efficiency. It costs you less to Cool or Heat.

Variable speed inverter driven compressors have a greater range of capacity, and last longer.
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Inverter Mini Split Ductless Central Air Benefits
R-410A FREON is the new High Efficiency refrigerant that is not harmful to the environment.
It replaces the old R-22 freon, FUJITSU does not make any air conditioning systems that use the old R-22 anymore.
R-410A Freon along with the inverter technology compressors gives us SEER rating of up to 33+ SEER.
33+ SEER units are 300% MORE efficient than 13 SEER conventional systems.
These FUITSU systems are the HIGHEST efficiency Central A/C and Heat Pumps available in North America today! 
Inverter Technology
Improved Refrigerant
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